This Website is about '' Asik Mahzuni Serif '' !


One of Turkeys wellknown and very intellectual music interprets!
He has been continuing the tradition of folk poetry.
He is one of the folk poets of our time, who is asking the reasons and results of the public problems and who handles nearly every social subject in his poems in an informing manner.

He is from Barginekli Agucan Turkmens. The word asik preceding his name is a title used to indicate his position as a respected musician, but also indicates his affiliation with the Alevi variety of Shi'a Islam.

He has lost his life 17.05.2002 at 05.00 MET in Germany Köln-Porz hospital. He went there for examination before 4 days because of his heart problems.


Short Biography:

Asik Mahzuni Serif born 1939 in Turkey/ Kahramanmaras Bercenek village of Afsin county. 1956 he finished primary school in Bercenek and continues in Kahramanmaras/ Elbistan Alembey village, where he learns and writes old turkish language.

1957 he visits Mersin Astsubay school (military school). 1960 he finished Ankara technique military school. Because he was an alevit and writes books he was fired from there. 1961 since this time he composes music cassattes and lp´s.

The discussions about his writings become a greater bandwidth in the world. 1972 his house in Gaziantep was set in fire and his whole archive was burned. 1962 - 1988 he was attacked, jailed, tortured, accused and lost his tenths. More informations weren´t known.

1989-1991 Asik Mahzuni was chosen for general Chief of "Halk Ozanlar Dernegi" (a music organization).

June 1997 in Germany he gets a brain blooding and he was examined in Germany/ Ulm.

1998 he becomes proprietor of 58 cassettes and 8 books. In several international states his music was sung in other languages.This big musicians with his 8 children was presented with a big role with the Bektasi culture and Anadolu music in the whole world.

2001 he must go into JFK hospital in Istanbul because of his heart troubles.

2001 he was accused by the DGM (Turkey´s state protecting court) of saying: "Elhamdülüllah I am Kizilbas (expression for alevits) and a person who seperates religion from state. Not I but my 7 forefamilies were kizilbas. If here is a guilt it´s my grandpa´s!" 27.12.01 Asik Mahzuni is in DGM.

He died on 17 May 2002 in Köln in Germany.


Asking and Asking

Made my mind go foolish
By hitting it on the stones
I looked for my dear fellow
By asking and asking to all
Some light out, some go out
Some get up, some get down
The palaces turn into ruins
Enduring to all
Enter Mahzuni into the friend’s affection
Snow fell on the mountain of friends
My youth in my life’s period
Is wounded all.



The Order of this Earth

The order of this earth is not smooth
I shall not spend it with false words
I may not execute myself
Because of my conscience
The tears drop into myself
How hard is the parch stone
I may not see the bird in theErciyes Mountain
Because it’s blind-eyed
I have no strength besides
I planted crops but could not harvest them
The rulers decided on the order when I’m faultless
I cannot leave the friend, Mahzuni.


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